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HELLO OCHO - 'Hello Ocho'


Reference: ZZY-003
LP, 33 RPM, High Quality Vinyl (180 gr.)
Includes full album download

Hello Ocho are a band from Atlanta (US). Their music not only embraces different genres and styles, but innovates them. Thus, assigning labels and tags to them is an uneasy task. Just listen and enjoy the experience.

Side A:
1. Mooah
2. Stickin to the Sheets
3. Song Gafe’
4. La Pachanga de la Noche
5. Brown Crown
6. Chili Cheese Connie
7. Fandancy

Side B:
1. Charles Romanson
2. Whomp
3. Off Brand Friend
4. Small Talk Limp Walk
5. MC Hammermill Greatest Hits
6. Party on a Raincloud